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Damp caused by bathroom leak

Hi there - we recently found damn in our new home (1930s terrace conversion) and we've had someone out to look at the cause. They've said that they can't spot anything sinister (no dry rot, no rising damp) and that there's no signs of leaks in the plumbing itself.

They've suggested that the cause has been something as basic as the splashguard on the bath not forming a tight seal with the bath and the tiling in the bathroom being done poorly enough for water dribbling down the side of the bath to penetrate into the floor boards which have also resulted in a joist that extends into the bedroom getting soaked.

The advice I've received so far is to uninstall the bath tub and allow everything to air out for at least a week - then treat any timber that is salvageable but definitely replace the joist which is structurally unsound. This would then be followed by replacing the rotted floorboards in the bedroom and re-doing the bathroom.

What type of workman should I be looking for as it sounds like a mixture of plumbing and carpentry and what would be a fair price for the work?


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You will need a plumber and wood remedial specialist to make sure all the rot is taken away and treated as it could come back if it is not completely removed
you will also receive a guarantee down side to this is you will pay more,or take the gamble and just use a carpenter those are your choices,obtain prices for both then make your choice.


Answered 11th Oct 2012

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