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Cast iron main stack, need to connect toilet waste pipe, please help

Hi, i am fitting a new bathroom in my house next month and need some advice before i purchased the items i need, the main stack is made out of cast iron, and the new toilet pipe is make from plastic, i need to attach the toilet waste pipe to it is there some sort of sort strap boss that i can get to attach to the main stack? really want to avoid replacing the main stack with plastic.

As there is already a toilet waste pipe connected to the left of the main stack and the new toilet is going on the right side of the main stack and i cant use the old toilet waste pipe can i cut it down and block it off??

Am also looking at putting in a new shower, the pipes will be behind tiles, where do put the isolating valve or should i not bother.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your help, just wanta be sure in what I'm doing as this is my first time doing this but it wont be the last I'm sure, as I go to college part time and study plumbing,

Do you have a link where I can see a picture of this,

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Hi Tim, afraid I don't know of any boss to go in cast iron, fairly sure it doesn't exist. I do know of large black rubber straps that fit around the cast and new plastic soil, you could cut out section going to the left fit new plastic branch going towards desired location and use the black rubber straps either end. They have adjustable jubilee clips to create seal and as they go on the outside they do not restrict flow. I personally wouldn't bother with valves as it sounds like they won't be accessible if pipework is either under the floor or in the wall. Hope this is helpful. David


Answered 9th Oct 2012

time saver,cut out existing branch with angle grinder support stack above,fit new time saver branch with iron collars supplied with branch,you could use the rubber connectors with plastic branch between, but with cast iron above you could have a problem of weight above,old cast iron stacks are nailed to wall through the ears on them and often come loose leaving all the weight above on rubber and plastic you could of course renew whole stack there are also strap bosses you can use on cast iron soil stacks,try to put isolation vales in if you can you may be able to install them in a duct or where they enter the room.


Answered 10th Feb 2017

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