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Windows steaming up on the inside,(not in the sealed unit)

our upvc windows are steaming up on the inside. this is very noticeable in the mornings. our lounge window is facing between north & west approx,and the window clears after about 1 hour when the sun shines on it.on the side of the house away from the sun we have a window,& the bathroom ,all with upvc windows & they really take a long time to clear ,as the sun does not get to this side of the house. at the back of the house we have both bedrooms,again with upvc windows & we have the same problems here. we leave the bedroom which we use open slightly at all times,the other bed room is used as a games room,bur we don't leave this window open. the central heating system ,although an old one ,is very good & keeps the place warm enough,although it is set to go off at 10 o`clock at night. i would appreciate some advice,& i must add ,that as far as we know,there is cavity wall insulation& the loft has a thick layer of insulation too. i must also add ,that we rent the property from a private landlord..

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Hi there, if you are sure that the steaming up is not inside the sealed unit then you must have a damp source inside the room. Without a physical inspection and damp meter test it is difficult to locate the source. It could be down to a number of things, rising damp, damp bridge in cavity which is usualy at low level and more likely in older property. My advice is tell your landlord about the problem as it is in his interest to remedy the matter just as it is in yours.
Don French


Answered 9th Oct 2012

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