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I am looking at having my tops replaced for
Granite with a new sink and hob but am concerned that all of the
Companies advertising on the net only seem to do the standard install and not the connections. I am concerned that if i do this when te plumber comes to reconnect there will be a problem with it and more hassle getting it sorted if the granite company have been paid. Is it common practice for them to just fit it with a separate tradesmen to connect or can
It all be done in one? This is a big expense and I want it to be right first time

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Granite companies will usually only fit the granite. Your plumber or kitchen fitter will then fit the sink and tap. If you're having a belfast sink fitted this will go in first and the tap fitted to the granite before it goes down. It can be done afterwards but its much easier to fit it first.( I always make sure I'm there when the granite arrives to sort out any problems.) The hob is easily fitted and connected after the granite goes down.


Answered 10th Oct 2012

Yes thats true what this man says that the granite men do the granite and thats it then the rest of the work needed is the kitchen installers work to finish off. Ive luckly got my granite licence and certificate aswell as being a kitchen installer for over 15 years so i make sure i do everything because this way i know its all done and the customer will be very satisfied and happy with the work ive carried out for them.



Answered 18th Oct 2012

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