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Water coming from inside aerial

After the heavy rain the other day water seems to have got inside the actual aerial and therefore made a small pool of water around my tv (i have obviously removed the aerial now) any idea what will need to be replaced, is it most likely to be the cable itself?
Many thanks

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hiya charlotte ,
yep im afraid it,l probly need new coax to the arieal itself , not a expensive job really , its straight forward i wouldnt replace the arieal . regards jason .


Answered 13th Oct 2012

are you sure it coming from inside the cable?.

I would think its more likely to be that the cable is drilled into the house at a downward angle and water is running down the outside of it. If this is the case you need to make a drip loop at the point before the cable enters the wall and seal the hole.....Good luck


Answered 19th Oct 2012

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