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Possible to tile the kitchen floor while units remain in place?


My kitchen is relatively old but functional. I don't have the budget to replace the units at the moment, but I would like to change the floor which currently has vinyl (not glued) on top of chipboard. Is it possible to lay a tiled floor (probably with some underlay or something?) without taking out the units? I know that the legs of the units are adjustable, so can they be adjusted one by one while the tiles are laid?

It is important to me that the job is done properly, so that it won't have to be changed again if and when I replace the units. Ideally the floor should be tiled right up to the walls.

Many thanks!

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If its chipboards please screw 12mm ply on top of the board at every 20cm.
It will increase the height of your floor so you need to cut the plinth, kitchen door and replace the door bar to the right size. Its enough to tile up to the kitchen unit legs as the plinth will cover the rest. If you would like to tile under them too the units needs to be removed.



Answered 9th Oct 2012

British Standards now states 15mm WBP plyboard under tiled floors screwed to your timber floor. If you have adjustable kitchen legs you could screw them up a few at a time.


Answered 9th Oct 2012

Do it properly, ply the floor up to the unit legs and use a good flexible adhesive, purchase enough tiles for the whole floor so when your units are changed you can complete the floor.


Answered 13th Oct 2012

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