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No electrical earth

I have a house in eastern Europe which has some old wiring and an old fuse box. The electricity supplier is about to upgrade the meter witch includes a 63a cut out and 2 cables coming into the property, a live and a neutral as there is no earth. The local electrician who is wiring the house says the earth and the neutral will be wired together in the new fuse box he is installing. Is this correct or dose the earth require running separately to an earthing rod.

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Hi if the supply is designed to be TNCS then the earth cable should be connected into the supply neutral at the main fuse( there is an earth connection inside). This is a common practice which is carried out in England on most new properties. However you may need to speak to the electricity supplier to confirm this as it may need an earth rod if it is designed to be a TT system.
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Will Jeeves
(WJ Electrical)


Answered 8th Oct 2012

In the UK what you have described would not be permitted. The neutral and earth can be connected together at the electricity supplier/distributors main fuse if its a TN-C-S supply, but they are NEVER connected together at the customers fusebox! Its normal practice to run a separate neutral and earth cable from the suppliers main fuse to the customers fusebox. Whilst I am not aware of eastern european standards or prtactices, this sounds incorrect and could pose a danger to occupants of the property in the future.


Answered 13th Oct 2012

hi all
i have been told that many european countries dont supply a earth as strange as it may seem , so you may have to contact a neighbour or someone who lives near by and ask them how theres is connected . kindest regards jason .


Answered 14th Oct 2012

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