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Painting skirtingboards

I've sanded all my skirtingboards down throughout my house,am now ready to paint them all.I've sanded them right down to bare wood,as a dark coating of varnish was on them all!!I think I Should undercoat them all but a decorator has told my missus,just to paint straight on them with a eggshell finish as its not needed!!!If we did use eggshell would we still need to undercoat before hand?

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I would never go on to bare wood with out a undercoat or primer. if you have taken the time to sand them down then take the time to do a good finish, If it is real bare wood then the knotts need to be treated to stop them bleeding, then use a primer/undercoat. then put two top coats on top. What finish do u want? egg shell is very dull like a matt paint, Satin has a mid sheet you only really see in the light and gloss very shiny, it is also best to thin do your paint this will help with a bettter finish and not leave brush marks.


Answered 9th Oct 2012

If they were mine i would give them one coat of a primer/undercoat then 2 coats of eggshell. (oil based)


Answered 9th Oct 2012

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