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Help! serious concerns over poorly managed project

I've had to delete all my original question in order to respond. i have had my replies rejected at least 5 times because the site thinks i am asking about how many pennies are being spent and i am clearly not. thank you everyone for digressing for my main point: problematic builders. I have my suspicions as to why my posts are being censored, and i'm not impressed. it's important people know how to respond to these situations and i got decent replies from the forums in these sites: screwfix, diy and building

i did full research on this forum, other sites and through talking with tradesmen to gauge how long my piece of string is. yes, i would tell anyone 'do one' for that amount in a buy to let context i would be crazy not to. this is business not a family home. am talking as someone who sticks to their end of agreements and demands the same from others. Simple. Meanwhile I have been buying everyone food keeping everyone happy running out to buy materials ad hoc, and all his workmen are on my side and agree with my stance and about his poor efforts. It just makes u feel better to assume I'm a problematic client but you yourself can see he's taken the piss, so get off your fence...! I encourage everyone to behave in the way I have in the face of piss poor behaviour.. yes, i would have liked to have been better prepared myself, however, i dealt with it to good effect.

today i was about to throw him out he had no respect for me as a young female on my own trying to explain to him for the 10th time why i am not happy and where he has not honoured his part of the agreement. just walking off when we were talking, his workmen shamefully shaking their head watching his conduct, he clearly has an inherent tendency to not take people like me seriously. big shame as this is the first buy to let of many. all his workmen have agreed with me and had to intervene and he still didn't have a clear finish time in his head when asked directly by one of them. it is less going for the cheapest quote, more going for someone who was recommended by a fellow Landlord.

most important thing here is time management in a buy to let setting, and a man taking on more work than he can chew and persistently offering unrealistic timescales. poor business sense.

we have reached a temporary agreement because a workman intervened to resolve it (so he can get paid). £200 docked per day if any more delays. rest is to be paid on completion anyway, and it's only me that decides that! i would have happily held his tools and taken him to court. I don't accept poor practice and i will do what i have to. people can't roll over when they're dealing with jokers. be serious.

meanwhile I am happy to pay for extras, no prob! just frickin come correct to the client about it!

5000 labour only cost for new bathroom? do one! don't be putting that out here for potential customers to think that's normal. normal is 2000 labour only.

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Possession is nine tenth's or the law, thanks for some interesting reading. Valuate the tools and put them on eBay. If the value is the amount you want back or get a good solicitor failling that DIY SOS it sounds like it would make good television


Answered 8th Oct 2012

Your tradesman/contractor/muppet,whatever you want to call him,is without doubt,a joker and an amateur.I cant imagine for a minute though,that he has found you easy to deal with.You talk like you THINK you know what the score is and you clearly dont otherwise you wouldnt be on here asking for advice.where the hell did the "2k is normal for a bathroom labour only" come from? Thats like how long is a piece of string :)


Answered 8th Oct 2012

So you come on here asking for advice, advice is offered free of charge and you respond to it by telling the guy to "do one" your remark about labour costs for bathroom fitting proves your clueless.
You also have no right to keep his tools as taking something that doesn't belong to you is called stealing!!!
The only person to blame for the project going wrong is you. You have failed to get the basics correct,ie detailed quote stating what's included and what's not!!
And if time scale is an issue you should have set a schedule of works with penalties if the works aren't completed on time. Verbal contracts aren't worth the paper there printed on!!
As for any mistakes or substandard work hold back any outstanding money until they are corrected to your standard.
Sound like a bunch of idiots to me it's not even a big job so why does it need a project manager.
It's easy to blame the tradesman when there's only one side of the story being told!!


Answered 10th Oct 2012


This was the view of yours. Would be good to hear the other party too as probably still you can agree. You dont really have the right to value his tools so I would do this as a last thing and probably you cannot really have the deposit back as I heard he wants to finish it just later than it was thought.
The best thing is if you can sit down and refresh the contract: 1, is there really any extra works been done or will be? ( please be aware at a refurb you cannot really tell everything until you start working on the job, extras always a fact)
2, When you agreed with them pay them daily, after they completed the daily plan which you agreed.
I think this is one of the typical example when somenone does not have experience about building works and try to choose the cheapest quote.
What was the detailed job they had to do? As fix up bathroom seems a bit...
I mean if its a bathroom tiling and changing suit, design etc with other contractor you have already paid your 5000 for labour. Would be good to know.

Anyway, at this point you have to agree as this is the best way in relationship and cost. What you dont like tell them those things needs to be redone and then they will get paid. Of course dont pay them extra for this.

If you take it to court you choose a slow, stressful procedure which can be benefitial or not and you feed the law system which is based on lie.
Call an independent quality control, and try to draw a line for yourself that what you can expect for your money. Sometimes people want diamond quality work for the price of a coke.

Good luck.

Kind regards,


Answered 8th Oct 2012

This is a typical case of poor communication, once this breaks down walls go up or in most cases, do not.The builder does not sound particularly experienced. My advice would be to get some independent mediation instruct a surveyor for a one off meeting which should not cost more than £200, preferably get your builder to pay half this, will make it more impartial. Have a clear agenda before the meeting, which should be held on the project, all this information on both side should be written down. It will become very apparent where the problems are obvious or not. From such a meeting, a set plan for completing the project can be made. Should the agreed plan not be adhered to by both sides either take it to court or part company. I do not recommend litigation but if do take this course of action you can show the court you have tried mediation which the court will find in your favour assuming the faults are mainly with your builder. Good luck


Answered 3rd Jan 2014

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