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Split load board

my friend connected a feed for an electrical boiler to a split load board ,but he connected the neutral into one of the bars protected by one main switch and live into an mcb protected by the other main switch, i dont know which core was coverd by the RCD , but when turned on it tripped.why is this

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Bob...Check with him if he mixed up the neutral to other section.

When your boiler or the load trying to take current this combination (mixed up) connection result to create imbalance current flow for RCD and that why you have tripping problem.

Call registered electrician who have 1st interest to help rather than in your money...!!!

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Answered 8th Oct 2012

The RCD will trip as there is an inbalance between the live and neutral current! This is the principle of how RCD's work.

Both the live and neutral need to be supplied via the RCD, so the boiler cable must connect to the coressponding N busbar inside the consumer unit that is on the RCD side.


Answered 13th Oct 2012

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