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What's cheaper..? fix or replace?

Hi, we have around 10 6ft fence panels which most have broken bits of wood in areas. Apart from that they are pretty solid.
Would it be more economical to replace the panels or to just get the holes replaced and fixed?
What do you experts advise?

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Hey, replace, replace, replace, it will be a bad repair job and look naff, i guess repairing is a short term fix as it will soon all bow and break, if you can afford it replace, there is nothing worse than trying to repair a broken fence, it often takes more time and costs more labour in the long run, regards Paul


Answered 25th Apr 2011

It would be more economical to replace with new panels, if they have started falling apart, you will be forever mending them.
I would replace with 100mm v notched posts and rails, with feather edge board.
Much stronger and will last longer.


Answered 25th Apr 2011

replace them, not sure what kind of fence you have but hopefuly you could slide the old panels out and new ones in which would be alot easier than a dodgy repaid job an look much better.its an hours work and a trip down the tip or a bonfire, job done!


Answered 28th Apr 2011

Hi, all depends on how bad it is and how much you wish to spend, just remember buy cheap last a week buy dear last a year kind regards col.


Answered 25th Apr 2011

Without seeing the extent of the damage difficult to say. However if you say that there is only partial damage and the posts are solid then a repair job would be sufficient and cheaper.


Answered 25th Apr 2011

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