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What's best way to add timers to electric heaters?

I have bought a flat that has electric heaters for each room, most have thermostats but none have timers. Each are wired into a wall switch.

What's the best way to add timer functions to this system, can you add a timer switch into the consumer unit or is it better to have separate timers for each heater?


Edit. They are wall mounted panel heaters

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If the heaters are wired so that they can be switched on at any time then they are not storage heaters!

If your lucky and a separate electrical circuit has been run from the fusebox to each heater, then in theory yes one timer at the fusebox end could be used to bring in a contactor to turn on multiple circuits.

The best way would probably be to use individual timers, Timeguard make a 13amp switch fused spur that will switch resistive heating loads of up to 3kw

see link below for more information;

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Answered 27th Oct 2012

Dear Josh,

Thank you for posting your question.

1st let us know what type of heater? And load? Its Storage heater or wall mounted panel heaters?

If you have storage heater than "NO" as the nominal load would be >13A and standard time comes for up to 13A for normal safe operation.

Please check the load for every heater.

If any compromise on load > you may lose timer / heater/ or could catch fire after over loading / heating.

I hope this information help you decide next step.



Answered 7th Oct 2012

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