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How to wire up cookers

What is the best way to wire 2 single ovens up? I have the existing cooker wire coming out the wall on its own ring, the single ovens total connected load 3.68kW each. So whats the best way to wire up double socket and 2 x 13amp plugs, 2 separate fuse spurs or both cookers into a 30am jb?


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Firstly you need to register your intent to carry out DIY electrical work with your local authority. This is important as all electrical works in the kitchen, including minor alterations come under Part P of the building regulations.

Once you have paid your local authority fee (approc £200 - £300) and have consent, the safesta way to wire these cookers up is to have separate electrical circuits for each cooker.

Each electrical circuit must have an isolator switch that is readily accessible (ideally close to the cooker and above the worktop), the cooker circuits will also need to be RCD protected in order to comply with BS7671:2008 requirements.

Once wired up, your local authority inspector will come and inspect and test the work and if compliant issue you with the relevant certificates.

Remember failure to comply with part P of the building regulations can result in a fine of up to £5000. Google Part P for more information.

Alternatively (and probably cheaper) hire a part P registered electrician who is either an NICEIC, ELECSA or NAPPIT member to do the work for you.


Answered 18th Nov 2012

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