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Texacom eilite 24


So basically I have recently had the above installed. I have noticed that the Front Bell Box has LED lighting up at night time. But no back box illumination. Can anyone assist with this..? Not sure if its to do with settings from control panel. Any help would be appreciated.

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The rear bell boxes that companies install are usually only dummy boxes ie, they’re empty boxes with no cable or batteries inside and act as a deterrent, your front box will be live. As a company I usually add a flashing battery module to give the impression this rear box is live too.


Answered 23rd Sep 2022

The front box may not have rear illumination available it may only have LEDs, there is also the possibility that the rear illumination is not been connected inside the box, another possibility is you have a wireless siren so it won’t have rear illumination. If you are talking about the dummy box to the rear of the property then they normally don’t have illumination


Answered 4th Oct 2022

The front live bell box will have comfort lights. Flash left to right. This is normal.

You can get other versions of bell boxes which have LEDs built into it so lights up the the whole bell box + the comfort lights. Ask your installer if they can swap it if this is what your after.

It’s not a program issue, it’s the bell box itself.


Answered 25th Sep 2022

Some of these bell boxes have light boxes fitted ie leds that light the cover up but it depends what module has been fitted as not all sounder modules have this, you probably have a Texecom Odyssey bell box which is hexagon shaped but if it doesn't have an internal module that lights up you will only have the flashing leds at the bottom either that or the installation company didn't change the link inside the bell box to enable back light.


Answered 28th Sep 2022

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