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Selling house, boiler has no gas safety register certificate please help

I (water) plumbed my combi boiler in myself in 2008 (all new rads with TRV's, mostly new copper pipe throughout house, programmable room stat, I then let the flue through the wall and mortered it in, and connected the condensate drain to the kitchen sink waste). I then Paid a professional Gas fitter to connect the gas and commission it for me. I saw this as a viable, safe approach... I am pretty competent, having a mechanical and electronic engineering apprenticeship background, and made sure I planned the system very carefully with respect for example to radiator sizes, flue position etc... but of course I left the safety-important gas-part to a professional.

He connected gas to the boiler, a new gas hob, and new fire, and tested them all in the same day. He then said I needed to add an earth bonding wire to the gas pipe just after the gas meter, and then he'd certify it all. That was in June 2008.
I had the earth wire installed within days, and emailed him a picture of it, and then didn't hear anything more.
After chasing him several times, eventually last year I paid him for a service to the fire and boiler, on the agreement that I'd finally get my certificate... he issued me a Landlord's gas safety certificate... I assumed that was all I needed.

Now I'm selling the house, and the solicitor has asked for either a corgi certificate, or building regs approval for the boiler installation. I've just been back in touch with the gas fitter, and he tells me he can't now register the boiler with the Gas Safe register, as it was installed four years ago, and the only option is for me to now pay for a local authority inspection.

He never told me in 2008 that the boiler needed registering with Gas Safe (I would have happily paid more at the time for this to be done).
Where do I go from here please? Looks like the money paid to this guy has been somewhat wasted, and now three weeks from moving, I'm up the proverbial creek.

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you can pay a one of insurance payment between £30-£50.
I only know this as the person who I bought my house from had to do this.


Answered 23rd Nov 2012

Hi a friend of mine had the same problem and their estate agent said they could take some kind of insurance policy out.dont know what the outcome was but the house sold. maybe worth a look into


Answered 5th Oct 2012

Well there you go , trying to do it on the cheap.

I would never sign your work off either.

When you have a new boiler fitted, your buying a heating system. To comply with regulations you need to clean the system and complete the benchmark.

Always remember to seek advise from professionals


Answered 25th Feb 2015

The person fitting the boiler takes full accountability for it. If you have no building regulation compliance certification, you may contact building control and ask if they will accept you to apply for retrospective certification. OR reduce the price of your house to sell. I have a client in your boat, whom wishes to buy a house where a non registered plumber fitted all the gas. A report is being carried out and a financial settlement will be sought. The house price has just dropped a grand.

Next time seek a gas registered seasoned pro to do your work properly. ITS CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN.


Answered 5th Oct 2012

Taking full responsibility of an appliance installed by an unqualified person its a bad idea, which is why the engineer got cold feet in the first place. Say if a pipe pops from boiler because it was not tightened/soldered properly and someone gets scalded with boiling water who is going to be responsible and sued for every penny?


Answered 8th Dec 2014

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