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I have a 3 bed mid terrace , 1 bathroom property and have a 24kw combi boiler which needs upgrading.

Is 24kw a big enough capacity or should be considering a bigger boiler such as 28 or 30kw.

Also helpful to know when considering quotes for this work.

Many thanks

3 Answers from MyBuilder Heating Engineers

you need a Qualified gas safe register engineer to calculate your
heat loss and then he/she will tell you what needs to be done.




Answered 3rd Oct 2012

24 should be plenty dependant on size of radiators,you need to work out the out puts of rads and pipework and total the lot in kw or btus and then size the boiler


Answered 3rd Oct 2012

It dependant of size of the radiator and room size. Calculate your room's BTU its very easy you can find out here

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Answered 4th Oct 2012

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