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Accidentally applied silk paint onto matt

We've accidentally applied silk paint onto Matt on a new celing. We're already seeing the cracked glaze effect even after we've covered over the silk with Matt again. Is this cracking likely to get worse and start peeling? I was going to sand it all down again and put another coat of Matt on. Is this the best course of action?

Answer from Eco Interior:
You need fully prepare the surface to remove all traces of sheen, Failure to sand thoroughly will result in your paint cracking.

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Thanks for coming back to me Eco Interior.
Is this cracking liekly to get worse and turn into peeling?
I tried sanding last night, it took the ceiling surface to down to a nice smooth finish. I then painted again, but the cracks have re-appeared. Am I going to have to go down the the plaster?

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I am a painter.
!, do not use steamers on your walls or ceiling.
They only aggrevate and further the problem if not cause more .
Steam penertrates plaster, weaking it and leaving pockets of condensation, not good.
What you have is paint cracking this is maybe because whoever applied it to begin with failed to dilute the paint.
So has time has proggressed because the paint was applied without dilution it has failed to adhere correctly thus this is why you have cracking, i doubt its structual, or the craking would be more intense were has yours are probaly thin veiny cracks,yes ?

You need to seal this paint, indeed abrade it first so has you thin the coat but just painting it again will not remedy the problem.
You need gliddens primer sealer or Zinsser Gardz.
Either one will surfice and both will do the job in hand.
Once you have applied two coats then you can emulsion but be sensible your first coat dilute 30/70 and your second leave has is.
The dilution is so you can build your coats up in doing so giving them better adeshion,strengh and durability.
This WILL sort your craking out.


Answered 5th Oct 2012

you need to remove the surface complitly . to do this job use steamer and after that sand and paint . use Dulux Magic White Matt PBW this is the best paint you can find for ceiling .
Reliable Building Contractors Ltd


Answered 4th Oct 2012

Just give the ceiling two coats of matt emulsion, get plenty on your roller and spread the paint out. You get a cracked glaze effect when you put two much on in one place, sounds like you failed . pay a decorator, a good one like me.


Answered 5th Oct 2012

You need fully prepare the surface to remove all traces of sheen, Failure to sand thoroughly will result in your paint cracking.


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

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