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Timber stud work around fire place!?

hi i was hoping some one out there can help!
i recently had a some work done on a chimney, basicaly i had a brick venire removed from the fire place and breast and also a gas fire removed and then replaced with some stud work and a plasterd finish. Now i wish to have a logg burner. will the timber frame be ok as its only wrapped around the original brick fire place?

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You should be fine but as josh says its worth putting fire boards on. I've lived on a canal boat for years and my wood burner had tong and grove directly behind it and was never a problem just got warm so wood recommend fire board


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

hi the stud work will be fine but any combustible must be a minimum of 300mm away from the stove. The plasterboard will also need to be replaced with fireboard and completely sealed hope this helps stevie


Answered 8th Oct 2012

Not sure,but might be worth removing the plasterboard and replace it with fire board first
Wouldn't have thought it would be a problem since woodburners are sealed with the door shut


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

Why would you risk having anything remotely flammable near a fire? I would suggest you replace the stud work with metal studs and use fire retardant boards. Fire line boards still have a paper face so any finish will scorch. So go for a cement board. Rather than a fire line board


Answered 3rd Oct 2012

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