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My Builder has formed an ensuite between my 2 B/Rooms.
Hes made a doorway via 1room, installing a lintel above to form doorway.
He then had to knock through an existing wall to form part extension of about 1mtr and built 2 Stud walls into the other bedroom.
When i run the tap or flush the toilet it is quite loud, therefore does my stud walls have to have insulation of anykind?
I also believe he used normal plaster board and a skim plaster over them. Is this correct??

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If anything, having only a single line of plasterboard on both sides of the stud wall, will make the noise louder as it will echo in the cavity within the stud wall.
If you make one side of the wall thicker than the other then you make the wall "acoustically asynchronous" and this will reduce sound. You can do this by adding another wythe of plasterboard onto the single skin on one side only.
If you tell the builder to stuff the stud-wall cavity full of expanding foam, acoustic rockwool, or other sound-deadening insulation you'll have almost the same effect as adding another line of plasterboard.
Combining the two may also improve things, but acoustics is a non-linear science, so don't expect that 1+1=2!


Answered 1st Oct 2012

Building regs now require Insolation to be but in between all new stud work.


Answered 1st Oct 2012

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