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Moving a radiator

Hi i know there have been some questions and answers on this subject already but have one of my own.I am a good d.i.yer but want to move a radiator from one wall to another.Let me just explain layout ect,firstly i have a combi boiler,so do i need to drain the whole system, secondly the pipes for the radiator currently run along the top of the skirting and not going to be changing this, thirdly the pipes for the radiator where the radiator is currently situated come out of the wall i want to move it to so it is a case of me cutting the exsisting pipes adding an elbow joint and a small length of pipe to go to new radiator position.Now i have never soldered in my life so can i use like the snap on connectors or is this a no no.Any advice would be appreciated, if it looks like it is going to me difficult i will call someone in and get a quote i think.Cheers guys

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i would never use the quick fix connectors on what you are plannig to do.
alway solder and use copper pipes or else you are looking for leaks. i would get a professional in to do the works.


Answered 1st Oct 2012


I think you can do the soldering for yourself. Go the the nearest plumbing shop and buy all the necessary bits ( torch £20, gas £ 15, solder £10 etc all together 70-80). Try the soldering on a fitting and a piece of pipe first and you will see its not a big deal. Make sure the pipe which you going to solder is completely dry and free of any paint, dirt etc. You can find out more on various websites.
At the end you have done the job, you have experience and you have a plumbing kit for you next d.i.y. project:)



Answered 2nd Oct 2012

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