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Changing boilermate 2000 to a combi boiler???

Hello there, my boilermate 2000 is 10 years old and has started to leak badly. I also have a Potterton Suprima boiler in the kitchen both are on the ground floor. The house is a 3 bed 3 storey Semi with 12 rads. After phoning several tradesmen, the suggestion is to remove both and have a Combi fitted either Valliant or Ideal logic. Will I loose pressure and would I be able to use both showers at the same time or run two hot water systems i.e shower and dishwasher, also would the flushing of a toilet affect it. We have also been told we will need to open up the size of gas pipe to 28mm and this would have to go around the outside of the house. Is that a normal proceedure and is it safe?

In addition to this, we be looking to replace the Boilermate with a 210 ltr Santon Premier Plus unvented water heater?

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Hi, the easier and cheaper solution is to fit an unvented hot water cylinder to replace your boilermate. It will give you the same hot water output you have now and you dont need to change your boiler only add a 4 gallon f&e tank for your central heating. I have done a lot of these conversions and the customer was always happy with system and it cost half as much as fitting a combi.
Hope this is helpful. Adrian


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

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