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Plastering over a metal plate and what is the maximum thickness for a render

Hi All.

I have a metal plate on an EXTERNAL wall which is in place to support the wall and stop it from bowing out. The plates are 6mm thick, and the bolt holding it in place another 15mm max. I was wondering if it can be rendered to hide it all inside the render ?

Secondly the existing wall has bowed out already, in the worst places by about 80mm bowed out from about 1.5m from the soffit board (the rest of the wall is fine, we are really talking about the midpoint of the first floor all the way to the soffit board).

I would like to know if the wall can be made flat by making the render very thick i.e 80mm, I thought about external wall insulation however the problem here is that unless it is selectively applied it will not resolve the issue.

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That's way too much. You would need a tone of plaster. I would suggest to roughly straighten the wall with plain and insulated plasterboards (ones with celotex) until you get to 5-10mm differences.
Regarding RENDERING, it is possible to make that in few coats, but you will need metal wire mesh mechanically fixed (with screws) to the brickwork. Better option would be fitting thermal insulation on whole wall and apply light render on top.


Answered 23rd Aug 2022

Hi there.

You can't apply render that deep. Best solution is to dot and dab the wall with a few layers of plasterboard at the deepest parts to reduce the difference, as close to the brace / bolts as possible. Then fill that gaps. Then plaster the whole thing.


Answered 23rd Aug 2022

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Answered 6th Sep 2022

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