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Cabling behind plasterboard

I live in a house that was renovated about 15 years ago and the people that lived in the place before used plasterboard with a polystyrene backing. Now I want to run an electrical cable behind the plasterboard but need to dig a route through the polystyrene.

I've cut a small hole into the plasterboard where I want the cable to come out but I can't force the cable down through the polystyrene as it's too flexible. Attempts with rigid wire aren't very successful either.

Any clues as to how I can do this?

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It all depends on how the board was fixed usually ploy back board is dot and dab with plaster so there is no way of pushing wires down only alternative is to grind a channel out and then make good that is if it is dot and dab.


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

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