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Fixing a sandstone lintel

I have recently bought an 1852 built house and the fireplace has been bricked up and I want to return the fireplace to an original state. I am lucky enough to have found the original stone facia in the workshop and sand stone window cills of which I intend to use for the lintel. A corner of the cill has a chunk that has broken and I have the piece but I am trying to find a suitable mortar mix to bed the piece back on. I would also like to know what mortar mix to use for laying the stone on the inside of the fire? Can anyone offer me some advice please?



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hello the chunk of stone can be glued back two part resign would be ok you will need put in an acrow and strong boy to saport the brick work above before installing the new lintal


Answered 7th Oct 2012

Hi u can indent the stone back on to the cool with epoxy resin glue paper tight and u would never notice that it was off if done correct


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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