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Underlay under solid wood flooring ?

We're considering solid wood flooring onto a concrete subfloor which has vinyl tiles and also the floor uneven in places where a fire hearth and possible wall removal at sometime and I reckon the floor needs levelling.I've had it suggested that a special underlay could be used where the new solid wood floor would "float",also minimising the amount of screeding needed.can you advise if this is a satisfactory method.Any advise would be appreciated.

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i have never seen or heard of this special underlay ?

you need to screed to level the floor and it would be a good idea to do paint able DPM at the same time then top coat screed before floor is laid

DPM ( damp proof membrane ) very important with wood floors

hope this helps


Answered 30th Sep 2012

I ain't too sure what you are getting at there but like jd flooring said the dpm is very important. Its best to lay visqueen and then ply over the top. You can then nail or sikabond your solid flooring to the ply.

I have seen the underlay type thing (what I think you mean) where you can sort of peel it back and then the floor sticks to it like a sticky pad but as for recommending it I think it would not be very good in fact compared to more traditional methods I think it would be absolute rubbish. I personally wouldn't use it on a customers job as I guarantee the floor will be pulling apart within a year or two!

& who would be to blame? The tradesman who laid the floor off course!


Answered 15th Feb 2013

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