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Could this be an expensive job?

I've got a problem with my roof and don't really know where to start. T.V. Programmes like Rogue Traders has put me off from just picking a number at random from Yellow Pages.

When it rains (and it does quite a lot in West Yorkshire) water drips down from between the sofits - for days at a time, both at the front and the back.

I know that some of the felt in the loft needs replacing as there are some strips hanging loose but my nightmare is having someone come along and telling me I need a complete re-roof when I don't.

Is it possible to repair or replace roofing felt from the inside of an A shaped roof or do all the tiles have to come off and felting replaced from outside?

Could it be because of the damaged felting that this causes the water to drip from the sofits or is there something else lurking there?

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it is not possible to replace the felt without taking the tiles off, it sounds like the felt going into your gutter has gone this can be replaced with felt support trays which is not really a major job. without looking at your roof it is impossible to say what exactly is the best solution,but it does sound like their is water getting in some how.
if you where local to me Id be happy to look and advise you your best solution.

advice is post it on the site and get a few local roofers round to asses and quote for the best way to solve this .
good luck


Answered 25th Sep 2012

ADR are correct - when specifying allow extra for fitting of eaves protectors


Answered 29th Sep 2012

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