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I have stud walls in my bathroom and I want to retile the walls but I tried taking the old tiles off but it's just taking chunks of plaster board with it? Please can anyone help me?

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You have 2 choices.You can tile over tile if you use the correct adhesive etc or you can continue removing them and renew the plaster board.I would go for the 2nd option.There may be a problem with the wall being unable to take the weight of 2 lots and over tiling is a bit of a bodge in my opinion.In the event of the old tiles failing,the new ones fail with them:)


Answered 27th Sep 2012

Roc builders are bang on. Do not tile over the tiles. If you remove the plaster board you can use a cement board instead and tile onto these, they are designed for bathrooms and shower areas.


Answered 27th Sep 2012

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