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Extra security for upvc doors

Are there any extra locks etc that can be put onto upvc doors and can complete new handles be put on at same time as locks.

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Hi Felicity, A quick and inexpensive way to upgrade security to upvc doors would be to fit Sashjammers. They are universal for all makes of upvc doors.
(And Windows) Ensure that the fixing screws go into the metal reinforcing that's inside the door frame.
Complete handles can be replaced very easily. There are lots of configurations, so pay close attention to the dimensions between the spindle and the keyhole plus how far apart the fixing screws are that go all the way through the door connecting the handles together.
It would also be sensible to change the lock barrel (profile cylinder) to an anti snap and anti bump one as a further upgrade.
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Answered 8th Feb 2016

I agree with Mahsons, there is not much you can do to add security to a UPVC door. Adding a door chain can help from the inside. We also recommend to replace non British Standard (BS) Euro (EU) cylinders to BS EU cylinders like Yale Anti-Snap, Ge Ge High Sec, Cisa High Sec etc.. Adding an alarm can also increase home security. If potential burglars sees either a BS sign on the lock Cylinder and a good alarm, they will usually moves on to the next property. Prevention is always a better option. If you need more advice, please feel call me.

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Itcc Locksmiths.


Answered 28th Dec 2012

You can up grade the locking strip so you have more locking points, new doors are now normaly installed with up to six locking point, they can be fitted with hinge bolts, hook bolts and door chains, and you can also get replacement handles, any company that deals with double glazing repairs should be able to help you.


Answered 24th Sep 2012

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