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Hi there, i have moved into my new house and am trying to sow a lawn in my back garden roughly 20x20. I have most of it level and weeds killed off, and a fine covering of soil on top (shores in). Unfortunately one corner (quarter) is water logging in heavy rain!!! Any advice would be great. should i rotavate this area, mix in sand, add more soil???


Mark Parker.

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Hi Mark

exactly right you must rotavate all the area to aerate it and ease compaction, level it mixing washed sharp sand in and remove all stones, tred the soil in all over and level again, feed and then and then lay new lawn or seed. Seeding will need top dressing to cover seed. If you need any more help give us a call.

Kind regards
Jorden Matthews


Answered 1st Oct 2012

If the lawn is holding water your best off running a perferated drain to a soakaway its not a huge job and will leave you with a dryer healthyer looking lawn all year round.


Answered 7th Feb 2016

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