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Knocking off a wall in kitchen

Can I leave a pillar of the load bearing wall I want to demolish. So the rest of the wal gets demolished and only the pillar is still left for the support of the stairs above it. Will it still be ok or it will cause problems ?

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get a builder in to check what you want to do, load bearing walls should only be removed by people who know what they are doing.


Answered 12th Jun 2022

Load bearing walls can not be removed without an rsj being put in its place to take the weight of the building above a pillar would not be sufficient to spread the weight effectively and could collapse if incorrectly done you would need a builder with a structural alterations back ground to avoid there being issues in the future.


Answered 23rd Jun 2022

As suggested get a builder involved but it is not so easy to just leave a pillar unless the pillar is supporting the rsj.
A bearing wall goes from the ground floor to the loft so if you remove part of the wall at the ground floor the bearing wall has to be supported with a sized rsj.
Even if you do a simple aperture a rsj has to be used.


Answered 13th Jun 2022

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