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Repairing non standard concrete block construction

Hi, We are interested in purchasing a house that is non standard construction. We have been told it is concrete blocks with pebble dash over, no cavity wall. Most of the other houses on the street seem to have added a brick skin, although some have long vertical panelling of some sort. We are basically wondering what the options would be for us to bring it up to 'standard construction' and how much they would cost. The house is a 2 storey 3 bed semi, and from the floor plan we think it is approximately 6m wide by 7m long. We would be really grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

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a new brick skin as you call it is the best option. this would need to be of cavity construction. that is a space of 75/85 millimeter between the existing house and the new skin. all held together by stainless steele cavity ties spaced every four bricks wide and six bricks high built in as the wall is built. you would also need to pay special attention to the inserttion of a new dpc and some insulation. the last two items are not expensive(pennies) but very make it look interesting you could turn it out in flemish bond as opposed to the normal practice of stretcher bond which is not very interesting. good luck, mick.


Answered 15th Oct 2012

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