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Using old bonding

how can i use old bags of bonding that have gone off

3 Answers from MyBuilder Plasterers

This is really dependant on how old they are and how well kept they have been. bonding is not like food it will still do the job but you may find it will go off (dry) much faster than newer bonding will.

If the bags have been kept badly e.g. moist areas, cold damp or outside storage. you will find that the bag may contain lumps in it or may have already set which may make it hard for you to plaster with.

a general rule of thumb though is that if it well kept and not too old then you should not have any major issues.


Answered 25th Sep 2012

You can use them to fill a skip. Ive seen it set in the bucket within a minute of mixing it and its as hard as nails.If you manage to get some on your walls,you could end up in a bit of a mess:)


Answered 25th Sep 2012

ROC Builders is correct. It just is not worth using the old out of date stuff it goes off like stink.


Answered 25th Sep 2012

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