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We have had our driveway block payed with the work completed about four weeks ao.

The builder was a likeable man and we gave him a good reference.

We believed his work was acceptable at the time.

However, since then we have had our doubts about the quality of the work, especially some of the finishing.

Before we (or if we) take things further, is there any way of getting a second opinion before we approach the builder regarding the quality of the work completed ?

If the work is completed to a reasonable standard (and this is confirmed by a third party industry professional) then fine.



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You need to get a professional to take a look and advise you.


Answered 23rd May 2022

You need to be more specific on the problem you are complaining about ,, is there any sinking or ruts in the paving / or are the cuts badly done / was the kiln dry sand put on and whacked [ in dry weather ? ] poss just need another dusting over if showing gaps ,,
As you never complained at the time to the builder i assume its one of the above,? If yes to any of the above especially IF RUTTING has accrued you need to contact him ASAP,, as its a poor sub-base / IF NO then if you were happy at the time and paid him in full,,I don't think you have a leg to stand on as you should have checked that you were happy before paying the final payment ,,
Regards - Kevin ,[ Can have look but will charge a visit fee ]


Answered 28th May 2022

Hi feedback can always be changed once done,also if there’s any areas your not happy with id always give someone a chance to put things right for you first if there a proper reliable tradesmen I’m sure they’ll be happy to rectify your areas for concern,if they don’t then I’d take the case further


Answered 8th Jun 2022

Too many builders are quick to bad mouth another builders work, they do this so they can get some work from you.
How do you know the builder you are asking is any better than the builder you had originally ?
My advice is to contact your original builder and ask him to pop round to see you.


Answered 20th Jun 2022

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