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Moving paving

Hi i had my drive paved with no problems, however my neighbour has started to claim that when i had my drive paved and dug down to get the level my workers moved her paving and now it is moving and getting large gaps in.

however she has huge gaps at the other side of the drive (not my side) and says they were moving a long time ago. and her drive has lots of bumps in of when it was done

is this my fault or was her drive already moving?

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Well, where to start. It is entirely possible for the damage to have been done by your installation as block paving is only secured by it's borders and as yours has disturbed hers. With that in mind it is also possible that the border moving on the one side could also spread across the area. That all said, it is highly possible that her installation has not been secured sufficiently or the base has not been installed properly and it has shifted all on it's own. This would be compounded by your installation because it would highlight the difference between a new installation and an old moving one, clean straight lines etc.
First port of call would be the pavers that did your drive and see if they can extend their expertise to determine what the problem is with next doors.


Answered 22nd Oct 2012

I would suggest lifting up the area which has seemed to move and see what the base and ground underneath is like and then you can determine if the issue is down to neighbours existing base or was caused by something you originally did?
but usually when I have done add on driveways they have not had any problems?

Be careful your neighbour is not looking for a brand new driveway and due to hers ageing badly and the fact yours is new will bring up the "Blame" on your part. if all else fails bring in a surveyor who can tell you straight whats caused it.


Answered 5th Feb 2013

If your neighbours drive has bumps from a long way back that is evidence of very poor workmanship. Even drives constructed decades ago remain stable if done well (ours go back this long and still look good).


Answered 9th Dec 2015

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