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Hello, just received a delivery of a new bath and there are no tap holes, could someone please help as to what type of tool is required to drill the holes and how should it be done. Many Thanks

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On undrilled baths I tend to use a flat head drill bit, although these are generally used for wood I find these are perfect for drilling baths, my advice would be to mark the tap centres on the bath and then drill before you remove the protective film from the bath, drill from the top of the bath at a nice speed but not to fast.


Answered 21st Sep 2012

You need a suitable sized hole saw , a cordless drill

Mark out the position of the taps carefully and set the drill to a slow speed and begin drilling the holes

It's simple and an easy job to do, just take your time, measure twice and cut once


Answered 21st Sep 2012

You will need a hole saw and arbor.
Place masking tape on the part of the bath you wish to place your taps take care to measure the exact position of the holes your about to drill then double check to make sure.
Start to drill the first hole using a good amount of pressure to get the pilot bit on the arbor to drill though the bath when the teeth on the hole saw make contact with the bath let the hole saw do the work don't apply excessive amounts of pressure as you could crack the bath.
Hope this helps & good luck


Answered 21st Sep 2012

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