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Lukewarm water in bathroom

I've just had a nice shower, bath and sink fitted but the water coming through the taps are lukewarm even when the taps are turned to the hottest setting. The taps is a mixer and the shower/bath is controlled through a valve and a mixer. Is there a way of making the water hotter?

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If the water passes through a mixer valve the valve itself is adjustable. Take the plastic head off and wind the nut anticlockwise to make it hotter. If it is a mixer tap you need to restrict the flow of cold water to the tap by closing the ballofix valve on the cold pipe slightly. If not of these work try turning up the temperature of the hot water on your combi boiler or cylinder thermostat. Hope this helps.


Answered 20th Sep 2012

These may have temperature controls within them, which limits the temp for scalding reasons. May need a quick look by your plumber, it won't be anything he's done wrong, as we don't adjust heat settings when installing bathrooms, it cou.d also be done by Turing up the heat setting on boiler of water side ( if a combi)


Answered 20th Sep 2012

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