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New stairs

Thanks Charlie. No the stairs are from a proper stair company not Ikea, sober are getting them in tomorrow. The stairs are also on an angle, when looking at them from the bottom the stringers don't match up, one is quite a lot shorter than the other. I have a feeling the guys will come back to me and say this is normal, any come backs I can give them?
Thanks again

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sounds like your stairs have winder/turn therfore a newl post will be fitted to the shorter string & another shotr string will be fitted @ 90deg to form the winder hope this helps eric


Answered 21st Sep 2012

Hi, all you can do is keep back all or part of final payment.
I never get final payment til customer is happy.
yes it does sound like you have winders, but surely it was complete when they left!
There should not be any creaking on these stairs- more/better wedges, screws, glue.Are there blocks joining treads to risers underneath, and has the staircase
been screwed to the wall .
Best I can do without seeing it.
Good luck,
Charlie Bates


Answered 29th Sep 2012

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