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Artex over wallpaper

We have a bedroom with artex on the walls and ceiling however the artex has been put on over wallpaper. What is the best way to get rid of this in order for it to be plastered? Is it just the same as removing wallpaper? (ie scrapped off or steamed?)

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I would recommend soaking with plenty of water and then stripping off with a long handled scraper, once you get down to the papered surface you may need to use the steam stripper. It is a messy job and I would suggest that you strip one wall at a time and lay plastic sheeting at the foot of the wall to catch the mess. It is a much cleaner job and you can just roll it up and dispose of it. Paul P.T.Decor


Answered 26th Sep 2013

your job has been made easy .with the wallpaper underneath the artex which will all strip clean off ,use plenty of water let the paper and artex soak ,then steam off with steam stripper . keith


Answered 20th Sep 2012

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