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Garage conversion to window and door.

I will need the job done soon, its like a town house detached with a garage on ground floor built in the house at front not on the side, was wondering if I would need permission to make a window and a normal door, so we can access the house through there, and might turn it into a lounge or leave it as storage space, would appreciate if someone can help on how and what type of permission is required or can I just change it. in the process of buying the house so wanted to make sure. thanks


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Usually you won't need planning permission but there are exceptions so worth checking ,you will have to comply with building regs though regarding insulation ,u values of windows and doors etc also a garage floor is usually lower than the house floor so will need building up and insulating too,also if there is any brickwork to build where the garage door was you will need new footings probably


Answered 18th Sep 2012

hello shaz,
firstly if you look around the street and see others done then there should be no problems,if others have been done knock on the door and ask,good way of getting to know your new neighbours,usually the only time they might deny permission is if there is a parking issue in the area,as long as building regs are adhered to all should be fine.



Answered 18th Sep 2012

speak to your local planning department they will advise, regards Terry.


Answered 18th Sep 2012

you will need building notice which you can download from your la web site pay the fee for inspections then off you go they will need to inspect footing for front wall ,insulation walls floor ,and a part p cert at end of job


Answered 18th Nov 2012

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