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Wet dash materials required


I have a house and I need to work out the quantities I need.

There is 241 square metres which requires to be covered in wet dash/harl. I believe from a quote that there will be scratch coat and the top coat.

Your help would be much appreciated as I dont want to overspend on materials.


PS It is 6mm chips if that helps so I think that is known as shingle dash. So it would be a scratch coat then the shingle dash on top. It is a detached house too. Thanks for the tip regarding the beads!

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Hello,,are we talking rough cast dust to 10mm granite, or shingle dash or spar(Canterbury,etc.) dash, they are all different and it would be better if you said terrace, semi or detached as most houses in the UK are standard,,ish,,also I would advise the use of plastic beading,,no rust!,,if you can supply more information then I can maybe answer your questions...


Answered 20th Sep 2012

As above, can really give you an answer on the question you have supplied.



Answered 24th Sep 2012

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