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What's the best way to remove cork tiles that have been glued to a hardboard floor?

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im sorry there is no easy way as far as i know ..perseverance and patience and a good scraper ..good luck


Answered 24th Apr 2011

A real pain unfortunately, they break into tiny pieces and makes a hell of a mess unfortunately, from past experience I find using a heat gun sometimes helps to supple the tiles up a bit more, but remember that the tiles (if they were stuck down many years ago) will be glued with something called bitchamin, which will need to be latexed over once all the tiles are removed,

Anything other advice, please feel free to get in touch,

Thanks, Ben (BSB Flooring)


Answered 24th Apr 2011

Even if you remove all the tiles adhesive will still stick to the hardboard and need sealing with a screed before other adhesives are used. Best bet is to uplift the hardboard and with it the adhesive. You can the relay hardboard or better still use plywood.


Answered 25th Apr 2011

Probably the easiest way is to try with a long handled scraper, the type that are sold in most sheds and screwfix.
They take a replacement blade (which you get spares with it) and are near razor sharp.
You may find it just as easy to remove the whole lot in one, including the hardboard, as if they are glued down well, you may damage the boards.
Hardboard is cheap to buy and replace if needed.


Answered 24th Apr 2011

I would probably try a floor scraper.
To give you an idea:

Hope this helps,



Answered 24th Apr 2011

if been laid on hardboard why not remove hardboard and relay new quite cheap 10.00 /15.00 pound 8x4 sheet


Answered 3rd May 2011

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