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Which underlay?

My kitchen floor is concrete with old ex council vinyl tiles which we are leaving down, but some areas are exposed. We are going to lay laminate floor tiles but unsure what underlay will be best to use, one that is cheap and will do the job properly. Need some advice , thanks

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If you want cheap then go for white foam underlay (around £1.00 m2) and lay a separate (DPM) damp proof membrane (around £1.00 a m2) or if you want a good underlay that will last and its the best then go for timbertex excel with built in DPM which cost about £2.80 but they only come in 10m2 rolls.

You should try ebay to buy it, people sell it on there. but make sure you get original timbertex, you can tell by the price £28 a roll approx.

Hope this helps.



Answered 19th Sep 2012

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