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Chimney & Fireplace

Can I build an open fireplace and chimney in a house that hasn't got one?

Anonymous user 5 April 2022 - 1.10 PM

I live in a 50 year old 3 bed semi detatched house with no chimney breast. I would like to have an open fireplace in the lounge with (preferably a brick) chimney going up through the bedroom and then through the roof. Unfortunately, the only option is to have it on an internal wall, is this possible? I could have a wood burner with a metal flue going out through the roof but would prefer an open fireplace. The only other options would be to have an electric fire (which I hate) or a flueless gas fire (which isn't ideal)

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Paterson Heating and Plumbing Services
Rating: 5 out of 555366 reviews

You need to contact building control. After 1960 all domestic chimneys need flue to made from concrete lined or terracotta pot system look dunbrick flue and properly tested with a chimney notice plate all the other things you mentioned you could have


5 April 2022


Toasty Stoves
Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9533 reviews

Basically yes. I would recommend a stove firstly as so economic compared to open fires. No cheap to do. As need a brick or block chimney all the way up and out of roof. Need planning. The brick block needs to be lined in clay or pumis liner and back filled. At base a fire back and clay chimney starter. I did one in a bungalow last years 5k. Was a bit fancy tho. Innes construction.


7 April 2022


nick rowsell stonecraft
Rating: 5 out of 55524 reviews

Sound like a hell of a lot of aggravation … try an external pipe and compromise on internal box and brick construction ..,


16 April 2022


TS Gas Heating Plumbing
Rating: 5 out of 55589 reviews

Consider a gas burning log effect free standing fire with a flue off the top with a 90 degree elbow and straight out the wall to The outside - don’t limit your options - pick an external wall and re jog your room layout !


26 April 2022