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How long should a rear gutter be

I just had my rear gutter replaced.

Now I discovered there is water splashes on the back wall.
Then saw the gutter is a bit too short, compared with the neighbour's gutter, so it is not directing all the water into the downpipe.

Can any experience builders or homeowners advise how long a gutter should be to avoid this issue? That's to say, how far the gutter length should stick out of the house or the roof. Are there any guidelines or best practices used in the trade?


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Recommendation is just past the end verge tile as this will be able to catch the water running done the channels in the tile.

If anything is splashing back there may be an issue with the sarking felt making the water run down the facia causing the water marks however a Qwick inspection would determine the issues before we can resolve them.


Answered 16th Apr 2022

The gutter should always continue to the end either tight to a stop if there’s a break in gutter between 2 houses or if it’s a verge the gutter should go tight to the inside of verge so everything goes into gutter. If your getting splashing this could be a blocked gutter or gutters running wrong way causing water to build up and when it rains we have water overflowing.


Answered 16th Apr 2022

Sounds like the gutter may be too low rather than too short.
it should be just after the verges for length.

Eps…. Eave trays would stop any water blowing back at the fascia


Answered 18th Apr 2022

The gutter should alway over hang the verdge at least an inch and should flo towards the outlets for water to find it’s way if it’s a long line of gutter I’d always suggest deep flo guttering


Answered 22nd Apr 2022

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