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Lights not working

My downstairs lighting has mysteriously stopped working. It has worked fine with no problems for years but a couple of weeks after i had the hall decorated it stopped working. Had someone out but all he could tell me is that there is only 12v going to the lights and everything at the main board checks out. There is an outside light wired in but when this was disconnected the lights still wouldnt work. The guy suggested rewiring the circuit. Anyone have any ideas?

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I think that suggesting you need a re-wire of the lighting circuit is abit drastic!!. A decent Electrician with good fault finding skills would be able to sort it out with out to many problems.

The problem could be one of many things...faulty MCB at the fuse board,Bad or loose connection at fitting, decorator could have taken light down and not connected back tightly/correctly etc etc. Post the job on here and a local sparky will put you right.

Good Luck



Answered 14th Sep 2012

Lights not working after re-decorating usually sets alarm bells ringing!

In most cases this happens when a switch has been removed to allow papering or painting, and then not correctly re-wired. In the hallway there is usually two-way lighting with a landing light, and this wiring can easily get mixed up when switch is re-installed.

As Steve suggests, best ask a local electrician to take a look by posting as a job on MyBuilder.


Answered 15th Sep 2012

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