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We have sliding patio doors in the middle of the house where they were left after a brick extension. how easy is it to remove these?

The house we have just bought has patio doors in the middle of the house where they were left after a brick extension. They used to be doors to the garden on an external wall but are now between 2 reception rooms. How easy is it to remove these to leave an archway and open up the space?

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hi,they are very easy to remove,check down the side and bottom and top and they will be held inwith screws.just take your time in locating and taking down has they will be heavy thanks nick


Answered 17th Feb 2011

normall if the patio was on the outside before the new build then support will be built in. rip it out it dose not matter how you get them out do not get cut and be prepared for restoration costs


Answered 20th Feb 2011

Easy enough job for a diy-er as they're on an existing external wall so no worry about support for wall above doors. Just lift off the doors from the runners and unscrew the frame.
You'll have making good to do to plasterwork etc. As for arch, you can get arch formers from diy stores, again simple to install and plaster in.


Answered 22nd Feb 2011


There will be a supporting lintel/beam above the patio doors strengthening the space above. Removing the doors will be fine as long as there is adequate support for the load above, this means the beam/lintel in situ.

Forming an archway will be expensive and require structural calculations to provide the support.

My advice would be to check the current support situation above the doors.

If all is okay remove the doors make good the reveals (where the patio doors were and floor area)

This will mean you have access space where the doors were and open up the extension to the rest of the house.

Also it will not cost more thane a days wages, disposal of doors and make good the plaster work.

removal and tidy up job. £250 max


Answered 17th Feb 2011

This is rather straight forward. First, remove the doors from the frame, then locate the frame fixings and remove. If the frame has been sealed with a mastic then cut this with a sharp blade and now the frame should come out.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

hi there. its a very easy job. take off the doors usally by lifting up and pulling away. then there should be screws in the frame top sides and bottom. then unscrew them and then the unit can be removed, also if there is silicon between walls and frame cut it out as it will hold the frame in still, dont worry about the wall above falling down as there should be a lintel. roy.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

Hi there,
It s very easy as you'll have a lintol above your door frame, so just a matter of removing doors and frame, forming archway and then plastering.
Your floor will need making up as well where door way was situated.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

this sounds like straight forward job ,open up the doors and you should be able to see pins on the hinge you can now unscrew the locking grub screw on the side which locks the doors to the hinge normally with an allan key ,the doors will lift straigt off but may be heavy , cut away any sealant around edges of frame ,and take out and frame fixings securing the frame to the walls check for fixing in the top and bottom of the frame , if there arnt any reveals over lapping the frame then the frame can be knocked out with a block of wood slowelly easing out each side ,if the reveals are either rendered or plastered covering up the edge of the frame ,then you will have to hack off on either inside or outside to allow the frame to come out ,there will more than likely be a lintol above so no need to worry about brickwork above,making good the reveals into an arch is straight forward to do


Answered 17th Feb 2011

taking out your patio doors is a straightforward job, first remove the pins in the hinges to remove the doors then you will be left with the frame . this will be fixed either by screws through the frame or screws attatched to frame straps that are then fixedinto reveals and plaster may need to be chizelled off to uncover these.once removed cut silicone or mastic sealant with a stanley blade to release the frame and lift out.
where the frame has been there will be some making good plasterwork or if you want to make the opening into an archway for aesthetics, this can be easily formed using timber and plasterboard then beaded and skimmed.
i hope this helps .


Answered 18th Feb 2011

easy ,might have a bit of making good ie plasterwork but all in all as long as the support above is correctly installed easy


Answered 17th Feb 2011

well if thay are double glazed doors thay can be heavy
but would not be too hard to remove
if thay are wood frames thay may go into the brick work at the top ( or head of the door ) and may even be holding your internal wall up best have it checked over if it is made of wood
and thare will also be some plastering to be carried out once thay are removed
but all can be carried out in a day


Answered 17th Feb 2011

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