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We had a patio laid 10 months ago. At our builders suggestion and recommendation he used something called Geofix compound between slabs. This is dreadful, it was supposed to be grey but is always black, looking slimey and wet. Joints are shallow and wide and have moss growing in some. When eventually it dries out it cakes and cracks, then this is washed over the slabs by the rain. What can we do? We think the compound is totally unsuitable. He insists we dont brush the patio enough, the trees drop debris and muck the patio up, there is run off from the lawn, just about every excuse. As far as we can see he isn't a member of any regulatory body or organisation. He's a nice guy, did a good job except for this. If it was our instruction to put down Geofix fine, but he was the expert and advised wrongly, so are we stuck with this?

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Bit late for a response but here it is!!

I use Geofix jointing compound on all of my paving and have as yet had no problems. I have used it on my own sandstone paving and it has gone a little dark due to it being a dark, damp area of the garden with trees etc but its the best product for pointing paving. Because its permeable unfortunately it does get dirty but is easily cleaned. Would you rather he used mortar and then it cracked because there was no movement allowed? It would need repointing every year if he had and would cost!!

His excuses are actually very good reasons as to why it does this. The paving does need cleaning regularly with bleach and water to remove moss etc. The trees will make a mess too, especially this time of year as they drop leaves and decompose!

A new patio only looks nice for a year unless its looked after.

Have a look online at cleaning patios and you will find some handy advice, but make sure you use the right products on the right acid on natural stone etc!!



R.Hughes Construction Ltd

Answered 24th Oct 2012

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2009

Hi, Geo-fix is crap Im afraid, not for the long term. I would use Marshalls weather point 360 its far superior, I have used Geo-fix and never rated its performance. You can use the Marshalls in the wet too, its a great product, around £33 a tub plus vat from most Jewsons, of course ask for trade discount its normally £58!

Answered 18th Jan 2013

Mulberry Cottage Gardens

Member since 4 Oct 2010

Geofix is expensive in comparison and is supposed to be waterproof and very good for between joints, tis a mystery?? May be due too lack of slop on the patio causing standing water? And build up of debris ? I can't see it simply being the mortar , will Nora,my be an effect of something on it ( debris, water etc etc) put some photos on here and one with a spirit level on it showing correct falls for drainage????? Thanks mark

Answered 13th Sep 2012

The Property Team

Member since 19 Dec 2011

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