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Internal door strike plate too far back from door latch but lack of door frame surface left

I've have a internal bedroom door which just about latches closed if I additionally pull the door shut. Basically I need to bring the strike plate (standard plate) forward so that it catches the latch without any additional force (latches goes in just about and rubs a lot).

However, the strike plate is currently pretty close to the edge of the frame and I'm a little concerned if I bring it forward, the new hole I'll need to chisel out for the new positioning could potentially go past the edge of the door frame. I probably have 0.4cm of surface left on the door frame

What would be the best solution for this?

Can you buy a specific strike plate for this situation (wider plate hole with a slimmer frame so can be positioning closer to the edge) or some how attach a additional wood piece to the frame to create more surface to allow the strike plate to comfortably come forward, or maybe would I need to look at the positioning of the door itself?

P.S. the door and frame were newly fitted around August last year so I assume settlement/house movement has something to do with this as I don't recall having the issue closer to the fitting.


***EDIT*** The strike plate is used with a tubular latch therefore the front side that I'd need to potentially file down has the little adjustable metal lip which you used to bring out with a flat-head screwdriver if the door was rattling too much.

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Get hold of a metal file. a couple of pounds at the most and file down the striking edge of the existing strike plate. You probbly only need a millimeter to make it function. otherwise check the door stop to see if something is protruding that is preventing the door from closing fully. Its usually just carelessness by the person fitting the mortice catch but can be the door warping.


Answered 10th Mar 2022

Something could be stopping it from closing full or or something isn’t screwed in flush to allow the door to close or even the doors could be thicker than the opening itself which you’ll notice of the hinge side too. if the door is thicker, then you’ll need to adjust the wood where the door stops if they come off. Otherwise re install a correct thickness door or frame.


Answered 23rd Mar 2022

One other method is to file or grind if you have a steady hand the latch on the door and just take a little off the flat side nearest the opening face of the door. This if carefully done will allow it to reseat into the strike plate without removing anything or disturbing any existing woodwork


Answered 5th Apr 2022

Without seeing the actual frame and circumstances I would suggest possible repairs such as either: 1) file down the strike plate, 2) drill the strike plate into the Architrave, 3) adjust the door frame beadings (if it's a frame with beading) to allow for more space for the door to hang off and then hang the door further into the door frame. However, without knowing what the door and actual frame looks like, it's hard to tell and if your saying that the frame was fitted fairly recently, my thoughts are that possibly the latch is fitted to far to one side of the thickness of the door and so there may me another option of possible unscrewing that and re-fitting it more centre within the thickness of the door itself.


Answered 30th May 2022

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