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My neighbours fence has fallen down as it was 13 years old she says shes not replacing it, she removed it and left nothing,, it separated our front gardens, its her boundary line not mine. Her bushes keep growing into my garden which I have to keep cutting back and it looks dreadful on my side. Does she have to replace this legally?

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Why not be a sport and get a professional round, get three quotes and go halves, saves on hassle, makes it looks good, and cost half each, surely will not be a lot of money, if it's to the front it can't be a great big fence???? You could spend the ret of your life discussing or stressing or 5 mins to sort? I believe all neighbours should bare this cost together, as you want her to pay for it to "improve " your side of the garden???? Why not compromise?


Answered 13th Sep 2012

if its down on your deeds that the fence was theirs from day one then i would say she should pay for the new fence


Answered 14th Sep 2012

she may not have to legally replace the fence, but legally any branches overhanging your property you can remove,providing they are then thrown back onto your neighbours side as they legally belong to her and as such must be returned to the owner to avoid being done for theift. while it may be a pain if you continue to return her property evertime you have to she may get fed up with picking it up,which may offer a compromise.

good luck


Answered 13th Sep 2012

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