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Lighting issue

Tonight the bathroom lights were on but slowly went out, they would not turn on (they are on a dimmer switch which we've had problems with before but was replaced about 12 months ago). We switched on the kitchen light (next room) which somehow caused the bathroom light to turn back on. We switched this off and tried again - now the kitchen light, bathroom light, hall light and one bedroom light are not working. Nothing has tripped in the fuse box and the lights (apparently according to labelling) are all on one switch yet all other lights are working. Any ideas?

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sounds like you have a bad connection at either the switch/light fitting/junction box depending how it has been wired, best to get an electrician to look at it, post a job on this site, regards Terry.


Answered 12th Sep 2012

This is a typical loose connection problem. It could be that the live feed to the next room loops off of each switch although its more common to be at the light fittings in the room.

Really need the circuit to be tested with a test instrument to identify if there is a break or high resistance connection.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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